10 Interesting Fitness Facts 2020

Fitness is one of the sectors that everyone gets directly into after a decision phase. The vast majority of people go directly to the gym after deciding without having certain knowledge. Already, many of the people who do sports cannot maintain continuity and have difficulty reaching their goals.

We have gathered 10 pieces of fitness information that you did’t know and you will be both shocked and informed.

Only half of the 14-21 age group, which we can call the young population, is moving enough.

Only 13% of the men in the world have a body we can call “fit”.

An average of 80% of those who have gym memberships do not actively use their membership.

People who exercise regularly have less psychological problems compared to people who do not exercise.

30% of the children in the world are overweight and 15% are obese.

A person walks an average of 100,000 kilometers in his lifetime.

Every 1 kilogram of muscle mass taken in the body allows you to burn 50 more calories per day.

The most powerful muscle in our body is the heart muscle.

While 4000 children / young people start smoking every day, only 250 children start sports every day.

When comparing the lower body strength of men and women with the same amount of muscle mass, women are generally stronger.