The Miraculous Benefits of Cabbage for the Skin

In our daily life, cabbage is among the foods we don't like much. But we know very well that the foods we do not like are usually the foods with the best nutritional value.

It is a sulfurous vegetable from the cruciferous family of European origin. There are more than 400 varieties, but in this article, we will focus more on white cabbage.

White cabbage, which helps the whole body system get in order, has miraculous benefits for the skin. Recently, the world-renowned television programmer Martha Steward said that cabbage is rich in vitamins and minerals, which is very beneficial for the skin

It is a very good source of vitamin C, fiber, and vitamin K. It regulates the digestive system, is blood thinner, protects the immune system, helps new tissue healing. It is also a good anti-edema.

Despite its low protein content, it is beneficial for bone joint health because it contains histidine amino acids and sulfur compounds.

Those with hypothyroidism or goiter should not consume too much and not eat raw. When cooked, the goitrogen factor in its structure loses its activity. There is no problem for healthy individuals to consume raw.

In 1 Portion (150Gr.)

  • Enough vitamin K to meet 79% of your daily need,
  • Vitamin C to meet 69% of it,
  • Vitamin B6 enough to meet 20%,
  • Manganese enough to meet 17%,
  • There is enough fiber to meet 16%.

In addition, it prevents tumor growth thanks to its indole, bioflavonoid, and monoterpenes.

Again thanks to its content sinigrin; It is protective against prostate, intestine, and bladder cancer.

Its regular consumption reduces the risk of breast cancer.

It is a natural source of estrogen.

With its omega 3 fatty acid content, it has a protective and anti-aging effect against cardiovascular diseases.

In addition, white cabbage juice has a healing effect not only for peptic ulcers but also for stomach diseases.