Interesting Fitness Facts That Will Open Your Horizons

You like learning new information about fitness and a healthy life, right? If your answer is yes, here are some interesting fitness facts you need to make an earring in your ear.

Ah, Those Pains! ..

muscle soreness fitness facts

Have you ever thought why you have a lot of pain on the first day you return to sports after a break and your pain will decrease on the second day of sports? Brigham Young University has been wondering for you. 14 men and women were given two rounds of intense exercises at 28 days apart, and muscle biopsies were taken before and after each round. Interestingly, the researchers found that immune cells called T cells increased in the second round. These killer cells were normally thought to only fight infection and other external invaders and do not function in striated muscles.


Only 1% !!!

Yes, if you simply increase your water intake by 1%, you will reduce your overall calorie, fat, sugar, sodium, and cholesterol consumption, according to research in the Journal of Human Nutrition and Dietetics.

Hold Your Throat…

Free meals consumed with regular planning can harm beneficial bacteria in your intestines, according to a study published in the journal Molecular Nutrition and Food Research. Healthy and balanced microbiomes, that is, bacteria that have billions in the body, are important for health, but maintaining a carefully planned diet all week and eating all the fatty and unhealthy foods that come your way at the weekend can lead to a decrease in beneficial bacteria. The study conducted on experimental mice experienced an 18% weight gain as a result of 16 weeks of healthy diet/malnutrition changes.

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We Wish Protein Sleep

Research from Columbia University found that a pre-sleep protein snack is more constructive and promotes better sleep. The researchers fed 26 subjects with different meals before sleeping and observed which combination worked best.

One group consumed foods high in fiber and protein and low in saturated fat. This group was able to fall asleep in less than 20 minutes and mostly fell asleep. Another group consumed foods high in saturated fat and sugar and low in fiber and protein. This group took more than 30 minutes to fall asleep, and they had an irregular sleep, similar to those with sleep problems.

Train Your Brain

Staying consistent in your fitness goals is important for your long-term muscle development, but as you age, you should continue to exercise to keep your thinking muscle healthy, says Boston University School of Medicine research. Researchers had subjected more than 1500 healthy individuals, with an average age of 40, to treadmill and MRI tests 20 years ago. When these individuals were retested 20 years later, it was observed that those who were still generally healthy but performed poorly on the treadmill had smaller brains; This result was equivalent to a year of acceleration in aging and also indicated an increased risk of Alzheimer’s and dementia (dementia).

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Fruit Support

The study, recently published in the Journal of Proteome Research, observed that consuming bananas or pears before resistance training offers better recovery, energy, and mental focus than consuming only water.