Clean Eating 101

The simplest explanation for clean eating; to choose foods that are minimally processed and provide maximum benefit. The best way to do this is to consume food in its most natural form. Sustainable and ethical nutrition thinking is also part of this business.

More Vegetables and Fruits

Vegetables and fruits are definitely beneficial for health. These foods, with their fiber, vitamin, and mineral content, allow us to fight inflammation and cell damage. Many large-scale studies show that high consumption of fruits and vegetables helps fight cancer and heart disease and reduces disease risks.

According to the rules of a clean diet, fresh fruits and vegetables are excellent alternatives because most can be eaten raw. At this point, choosing organic products is beneficial for health as it will reduce pesticide intake.

Here are some ways to increase fruit and vegetables in your diet:

Give up the green salad and make colorful salads
Decorate strawberries, oranges, and apples on top of your favorite dishes
Put the vegetables in portion size containers. Preserve with spices and olive oil on top.

Move to Unprocessed Food

Clean nutrition transforms into nature. Processed foods have been removed from their natural state and changed. Therefore, processed foods have no place in a clean diet.

The most important reason for not having processed foods in the understanding of clean nutrition is that they do not have maximum nutritional benefits. As the products are processed, fiber, and other nutrients in their content are lost. It is replaced by sugar and chemicals. This unwanted change causes an increase in the risk of inflammation and heart disease in the body.

Goodbye to Refined Carbs

When it comes to refined carbohydrates, mind; Foods that are easy to eat and have low nutritional value should come. Consuming these products is often associated with inflammation, fatty liver, and insulin resistance. Whole grains with high fiber content support intestinal health. In a study of 2834 people, it was found that those who consumed simple carbohydrates had more fat around the abdomen than those who consumed complex carbohydrates. According to the rules of clean eating, it is necessary to avoid ready-made grains, white bread, and all other refined carbohydrates and turn to whole grain products.

Read Label

Even if we usually try to turn to fresh foods while eating clean, we can sometimes consume packaged vegetables, meats, and nuts. In this case, the important thing is; It is to read the label of the packaged product and make sure that it does not contain preservatives, added sugars, and trans fats.

For example, we usually buy nuts in packaged form. If the nuts we buy are raw, this is safe; However, roasted nuts are generally roasted in vegetable oils and lose their nutritional value due to heat treatment and form oils that are harmful to the body. If you want to consume roasted nuts, the best way is; It is to buy raw nuts and fry them at home at low temperatures.

Choose Healthy Oils

Vegetable oils and margarine should not be used in clean nutrition. Since these oils are produced by the chemical extraction method, they are exposed to more processes. Some oils contain high levels of omega-6 linoleic fatty acids. Some studies have shown that this fatty acid increases inflammation, causes weight gain, and increases the risk of heart disease. In a clean diet, it is important to consume reasonable amounts of healthy fat, even if almost all vegetable oils are considered processed and not desired. Healthy oils include raw nuts, avocado, and fatty fish. If you insist on consuming vegetable oil, it is most logical to consume olive oil.

Consume Natural Sugar, Not Add-On Sugar

If you want to start eating clean foods, you should remove added sugar from your life. This is not easy because almost all sauces, condiments, and other packaged products contain some added sugar. Refined sugar and high fructose corn syrup are also considered in the add-on sugar class. Studies show that added sugar increases the risk of obesity, diabetes, fatty liver, and cancer.

Zero sugar consumption is not mandatory during a clean diet. The imperative add-on is to remove sugar from your life. Honey, molasses, or maple syrup can be consumed. Although they are natural, even these sources are not powerful food sources for our bodies.

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