6 Ways to Increase Training Motivation

The decline in training motivation is normal. In a situation where motivation drops, the important thing is to recover immediately, increase motivation, and return to the training program.

You have been acting in accordance with the training program for weeks or even months, your workouts are efficient, you follow your diet literally. People are already starting to notice the change in you. Your body size also dropped and your muscles began to become more pronounced. So everything is fine.

But the day came when you said work, strength, and daily running, and you had to leave the training program. It was more appealing to have dinner with friends than to head to the gym. Or you found yourself watching TV series in front of the TV. Of course, by the way, your diet is derailed.

There is no need to worry. The loss of motivation you experience can happen to anyone. This includes professional athletes.

There may be different reasons for decreased training motivation. The good news is that you can overcome this. Now let’s take a look at the tactics that will re-ignite your training motivation.


To increase motivation for training, you should focus on your gains. Try to find the first reason that pushed you to train and start your day with that point of view. For example, you can set an alarm on your mobile phone about it or put a note in front of your mirror.


Separate your personal life and sports life. Because if there is something wrong with your private life, this will decrease your training motivation. If your job is stressing you out, the best place to go is the gym. Leave your worries at the entrance to the gym. Remember it is the weights from the gym that you should lift, not emotional weights.


In a study conducted at the University of California-Davis, students were asked to spend most of their time with a group of people they had never met before. It was observed that these students adopted the behaviors of people who did not attach enough importance to the diet and training pattern in the group after a certain period of time. Another study conducted in 2007 found that your close friend’s being obese increases your likelihood of being obese by 57%. These research results show that your social environment is an important factor in training motivation.

Make friends with people who eat healthily and who care about training programs to regain workout motivation.


Perhaps what you need to ignite your training motivation is planning for the future. This may be getting fit before your wedding or getting rid of your excess fat before your summer vacation. Keep a training diary and try to regain your training motivation by thinking about your future goals.


Another helpful suggestion for your workout motivation is to change the training schedule and try new things. For example, you can learn a new workout, start working with a new trainer, sign up for a new gym, or learn training techniques you’ve never tried before. Trying new things is a good option to bring back your training motivation.


Pamper yourself even if you accomplish small things. This workout will support you in terms of motivation. There is nothing more natural than feeling good about yourself. For example, did you go to the gym several days in a row after weeks? Or did you use the stairs instead of the elevator? Maybe you paid attention to what you ate all day long. Small successes like this will ignite your training motivation.

Remember, you have to get off the ground again as you fall. That’s because of life’s own natural cycle proceeds.