6 Reasons Why Arm Muscles Won’t Grow

Don't you wonder why your biceps haven't improved? It should be a point you missed in your diet and training. Let's examine it together.

Here is a simple truth, men want large and wide arms. When you enter any gym, you can see more men working their forearm and triceps muscles in front of the mirror than other muscle groups

Despite all the time and effort, they still complain that their arm muscles do not reach the size they want. They see the solution to this problem as falling on more arm muscles and diversifying their training, but each time the result is disappointing. This is because of the minor and overlooked mistakes they make.

Here are 6 mistakes to avoid for bigger arm muscles:

1. Not getting enough nutrition

The biggest problem is not having wide arm muscles, but the total weight of your whole body is low… If you are 180 cm tall and weigh 70 kg, you can never have large arm muscles. If it is the big arm or chest muscles you want, you must first enlarge your whole body.

Eat more food for bigger muscles! Following the rule of thumb will get the muscle mass you dream of:

Determine your length in centimeters and subtract 100 from this number (180 cm – 100 = 80)
This result will determine the lowest kilogram your body weight should be.

2. Doing Arm Workout Every Day

No muscle mass is developed by exercising every day. You should rest your muscles so that they can repair themselves. When you complete your workouts, your arm muscles lose their strength and endurance. To be more durable and stronger, it should be rested for 36-48 hours and should not be strained.

You can continue to train during the rest period. However, you should focus on different muscle groups. A workout that will focus on your leg or abdominal muscles right after the day of training on your chest, shoulder, or arm will help you maintain your continuity.

3.Not paying attention to leg muscles

Leg muscles make up the body’s largest muscle group. The biggest benefit of the training of this group is to increase the condition and strength of the exercises for other muscle groups. The arm training you will do after your leg training ensures that you get the most efficiency.

4. Avoiding Complex Movements

Turning to isolated training is the most difficult way to have large arm muscles. Complex movements will work all muscle groups, as well as speed up the development of your arm muscles.

For Triceps;

  • Weighted Dips,
  • Close-grip Bench Press,
  • Barbell Overhead Press,

For Biceps;

  • Chin up,
  • Peacher Curl
  • Hammer Curl

5- Not focusing on the triceps muscle group

One of the most common mistakes is to focus only on the biceps muscle. The triceps muscle covers two-thirds of the upper arm. Focusing on the triceps should be an important part of your training to support the growth of the biceps muscle.

6- Short-Term – Low-Weight Arm Workouts

Do you know that arm training, which is determined as 3 sets of 8 repetitions, does not contribute to development and volume gain? If you do not do it with the maximum weight you can lift, you will lose time and effort.

With resistance tires, you can do 40 or more repetitions to the fullest of your strength (until you go to failure) and force the different muscle fibers your arm holds. Besides, with drop sets; You can maintain your performance and strength with the pump effect of this workout.